we have localised in that i am near
the estuary and the water flows up
with the tide and down at otherness

floods with the rains
over the fields so geraint moves
the sheep accordingly. one year

it all came suddenly and no one
prepared and lots were lost down to
the sea, cattle too and some sheds
and garden ornaments

the bridge came loose from the next
village , broken came down to jam
on penmaenpool toll

presently the worst of it seems to
be south wales and shropshire with
homes all under

water gets everwhere

today snow is forecast and while
prepared we come unprepared
and the roads over the mountains
gets icy
so some of us stay home

i am undecided this morning

at this age i feel it is my choice
and am not bothered on appearing

joan often appears even in hair cuts
yet always alive and still hopeful

i already have the star for bravery



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