yet it was taken all serious with a need to always be correct
to talk about quality


a slightly better sounding word
than covid

and more readily in predicted


seems yesterday I forgot to press
the reply tab

seems yesterday started with mist
again that turned to heavy rain all day

an indoors day

dried out the clothes
we settled in till tea

. the port .

another visit here
how pleasant

we don’t have many now
during pandemic and
darker wetter days

went out yesterday
to port
looked out the cafe window
like a hopper painting

with wet leaves
bread and butter pudding

. voile .

admiration of hair
and delicate spot blouse.

.night birds.

in the dark
in the night


we have a few.

we had a storm.

one broke, we bought another.

the assistant suggested house insurance!


wore the new yellow cardigan,
the blouse with spots.
yet there were still shadows


in the black &
up over the mountains darkly

sonja benskin mesher

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