hiding did not work

for was caught up with
in the lane
asked to explain

talked randomly about slate fences
and temporary miniatures


slate slides
mud slips
rain falls

seems higher this time

water expands to where i see
the edge


watching the weather
discussing the news
for news came yesterday



pause like in breathing

I hope you don’t mind
and that is how it started


you see it reminds

me of the visit to
that house by the mill
where there is a box
to stand on to be able
to see the mountain


while waiting and through the chink

left saw one golden tree

autumn cameo

each little thing

.darker days.

here we need no black days
no more, not in this house
seen too many troubles….


as i rose,
a pink mist descended.
it was actually already there,

i like the sound of the action here.

.tester pots.

palest blue, some say,
duck egg, with rust,
slight dusting of rose
to combat corrugated iron.


look at the morning come dark now
it is october

look at the weathered walls

hear the song come random
with words true for us with no argument

and our insides curl
with these feelings

sonja benskin mesher

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