it is noted that a conversation started on the original comment

with thoughts such as mine which is interesting

yet the first remark darted

and as you may know that we have come to know ourselves better since the isolation so have hidden

A comment that there was a wish for more participants which comes ironic

for now there is one less

while the day was imbolc

so we walked the country paths

noted new green growth and those with country habits

i go rake wet leaves



it all kicked off yesterday

late afternoon and i shall remember

it well, for i wrote it in the diary which sits on the kitchen table open

a habit started in lockdown as keeping things entirely to oneself is usual yet conflicting with the need to identify happenings

the kitchen is quite dark without the light on as is slightly below ground, the graveyard behind

used to leave a lamp on yet with energy prices hike, now follow her lead and wait until entry

so yesterday it all kicked off at halls and with my upbringing being blamed knew this will be all be my fault too

i wrote it in the diary with an asterisk