.the bakers.

they say my brother
would walk to Sherry’s
for the stales with a pillow
case to carry they say
he never ate none on
the way home and i
wonder if that is true

later years gran would
take me in the shop
to buy fresh

she favoured the cream horns.

.weather forecast.

we listen to the rain early
with mixed feelings
there may not be gardening done today
there may be drawings

.the beetled yugen.

my beetle, dead, not buried. i keep them, yet it fell to the floor, mysteriously lost. we try to turn disasters round, here, knowing it will be found, some time. my dear sweet sexton, the burying kind.

i learn about sub soil, all things growing,
the logistics of…


she said she liked the stories
except I did not tell them

i never tell you much
nor all of it

there are bits left to fill in


.drawn in.

make some thing of the scratches and nibs,
home in on detail
and begin
to enjoy
the cuts and scrapings.


you showed me your first car with the glove compartment
sat and thought about my situation
felt I could live in a car
decades later
learned that you did

.tour of britain.

think the road is closed for people on bicycles
with a helicopter flying over

this morning while doing the garden in the heat got sweaty and allergic
sneezing with spotty rashes

i ate tinned gooseberries from the fridge in the cool corner of the cottage
and felt better

.the consideration of normal.

out walking got to thinking
on a conversation with the neurodiverse child who considers me odd
walked a fair few miles today
in old money

.wooden wheels.

moving on
things are now more ornate
in a rustic mode
me cutting thin slithers
so next i shall make wooden wheels
for something


we here hope things there
are more settled than yesterday

yesterday in trying to say the right things
whilst also saying things
possibly uttered the wrong things

wishing you well while realising that it is not at all well

sonja benskin mesher

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