methane and maybe online shopping?

he once said that there would be no sheep
if we all ate vegetables only

i suggested there may still be
yet wild
free to live a gentle life like me

cheese is where i fail
i fried it yesterday like
my foster mother made
for supper

her husband down in the studio
the bell between them to call

he was at dunkirk
stuck in the water
hours, & shot in the leg

there were other care
places in the past
now i don’t care

there are no records
they say there was a fire
or something

he painted golden sunsets
over the sea
limped and was kinda nice
i remember

i am wearing last year’s sandals
and got changed after gardening
to look tidy
a first
this lockdown
things tucked in nicely
since all this excercise
walking and cutting things



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