above and i am not bothered
read a little about differing valves
which triggered a vague memory

wrote to the company
to give myself time
then sometime will
simply buy another pump


they said it will rain
and while it looks so
out the front
not so much at the back

it is all away in the shed
tidy and dry

i had sat looking at the nut
tree thinking that it was impossible
yet tried that with the long pole
cutting thing

it don’t take long
hey presto
no huffing
nor puffing

looks prettier
the dress hanging

always a dress hanging
here in voile out there
in cotton
some come satin and trimmed
with sequins you see
they don’t fit me

while no one sees me
it is day 90


his fingers move along the piano
to the divine air now
we are starting to breath
a little




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