oh james i love this excitement
how we have become vocal with
few to hear
do you whoop and holler like
i do, do you laugh as the wind
goes by
as the smoke rises?
joy came yesterday up over the house
quietly choosing twigs by tone and colour
looked to the noise
dark with propellers it flew over low enough
to see cockpit clear
i turned to see it go
shouting up
happy and happy that earlier i saw the swallow
on the wire outside
happy that all the rubbish burned
that the farmer will fetch me an old
car tyre
that the water butt is tight and tidy
now i shout and do not care who may hear
make my ladders
and will put one in
the neighbour’s post
box next tuesday
those that are kind to me
i asked her how far i walk each day
did she know
she said it was 253 miles james
do we believe her?